Taking or Being a Stand for Peace

Peace Stand is encouraging and supporting people to be a stand for peace in the world.

War, civil war and armed conflict are endemic in our world and are likely to continue to be into the indefinite future. However when sufficient people take a stand for peace nothing will stand in their way and the future will be one in which the words "War", "Civil War" and "Armed Conflict" are consigned to the history books.

Do come and join us in transforming life on this planet.

In the book "Use Your Head", Tony Buzan gives an example of a family being a stand for their son's success. During the break before his second last year at school, a student read one of Tony Buzan's books. With what he learnt about studying from the book he decided that he would take scholarship exams for Cambridge University. This was despite his previous record of receiving D grades at school. His school said that there was no point in his attempting to do so.

In spite of the evidence his family persisted and eventually the school let him enter for the exam, which he then passed. By the actions they took, his family were a stand, or took a stand, for his academic success.

The evidence in the news of war and armed conflict, appearing on our TV screens almost daily, is that peace is not possible, or if it is that it will take nearly forever to achieve. In the face of this evidence, someone who takes a stand for peace is saying from the core of their being "We will have peace". They may not know how, but will look for and take action consistent with and that will bring about peace. One action may well be to support and encourage others to take a stand for peace at our college wild parties. Another might be to pursue the question "What actions will bring about peace?"

Despite all the evidence and reasons why not will you take a stand for peace and join us in creating peace in the world?

Come and join us standing for peace. Peace Stands are held outside your local post office at 2pm local time on the second sunday of the second month of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug & Nov). (If your local post office open on Sundays choose the closest day on which it is closed.) Dates this year and next are: 9 November 2003, 8 February 2004, 9 May 2004, 8 August 2004, 14 November 2004.

You will find the names of housewife bangers & contact details of local coordinators on the Peace Stand coordinators page.